Through yoga and meditation we are helping professionals strengthen their body, mind and flexibility at work and in everyday life. A healthy workforce is the first step to a healthy business. Professional Yogis can design a class that best fits the needs of your employees and bottom line. We offer certified top professional instructors to help guide beginners and experienced yogis through a set of meditations, poses, stretches and even tips for at the desk yoga to continue the benefits when no instructors are around.   

We offer the following services:

-Yoga Classes

-Meeting/Group Meditation

-Corporate Retreats

-One on One Sessions   

about The founder

The effects of yoga and meditation made a big impression on the founder of Professional Yogis. After a decade in the sales industry the wear on his body from driving, sitting at a desk and standing/walking on concrete pushed him to start being healthier. After gym memberships, bike rides, jiu jitsu and hiking he walked into a yoga studio. Today he is selling the benefits of yoga and meditation to those that suffer from the same issues he once did.